November Newsletter 2018

November 2, 2018

Reminder – Picture day is Tuesday November 13th 2018. Please DO NOT dress your child in green as it affects picture quality! If your child doesn’t usually attend on Tuesday, parents are invited to bring them in for the picture, however parents are asked to stay with them.
Extra Clothes – Please remember to stock your children’s cubby with clothes and shoes for the changing weather and messy activities.

Infant-We would like to welcome all of the new children to the Infant room! We are busy preparing and settling into the new infant program. We want to provide an abundance of experiences and activities for your children to learn, explore and grow. For the month of November, we are going to focus on “Language” and “Literacy” and “Gross Motor Skills”. We will be dancing and singing songs!

Tiny Tots-Week 1: For the first week of November the theme is shapes. We will make shape monsters (Art/Fine motor), we will play with the shape sensory board (Sensory) and we will play giant shape hop outside (Gross Motor).
Week 2: The Ocean is our theme this week. We will play with sensory bags (Sensory), fish bins (Fine Motor) and we will do an ocean puzzle (Cognitive).
Week 3: Hygiene is the theme for this week. We will paint with toothbrushes (Art), we will give our babies a bath (Social Studies/Self Help) and we will read books about bath time and brushing our teeth (Cognitive).
Week 4: This week we will focus on body parts. We will make a Q-tip hand X-rays (Art), we will sing head and shoulders while pointing to the correct body parts (Cognitive) and we will play Simon says (Gross motor).

Tiny Tykes 1&2-A new month is upon us, and we are looking forward to lots of new and fun activities. This past month the children have really enjoyed preparing for Halloween. It’s such a joy to see their faces light up with anticipation during our spooky story times. We have enjoyed exploring our senses, touching, smelling and sometimes even tasting our creations.
As the colder weather approaches, we will be practicing our self-help skills. We will be encouraging the children to put on their own boots, hats, coats and mittens. We will be practicing the flip method of putting on coats, and working on pulling up zippers. We invite you to have your children practice at home as well.
This month, as well, we will be working on kindness and helpfulness. Things like helping friends with shoes, putting toys away together, sharing, saying kind words, letting friends know that they are important, and practice helping one another are all ways we can show each other kindness.
The week of November 18th we will be celebrating Mickey Mouses’ 90th Birthday! We have so many fun activities planned! We are excited for the month ahead.
“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever” – Walt Disney

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