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  • September 2015

    9 great birthday party places in Ottawa

    Mentioned in Today’s Parent Magazine.

    February 2015

    Best Birthday Facility, Best Summer Camp & Best Baby Classes – Macaroni Web Awards

    Macaroni Web Awards awarded Tiny Hoppers Best Birthday Facility, Best Summer Camp & Best Baby Classes.

    February 2015

    Best Daycare in Ottawa – Faces Magazine

    Faces Magazine is a free monthly magazine featuring the people, places and faces of Ottawa. Each year Faces Magazine asks its readers to nominate and vote for the best Ottawa’s best people and businesses. Tiny Hoppers was one of the lucky recipients of a FABIO award, being voted the best daycare in Ottawa.

    January 2015

    Stoney Creek – Paramout Location Opening

    We are excited to announce the opening of a new Tiny Hoppers daycare center in Stoney Creek! Conveniently located just off of the Red Hill Creek Expressway, this Tiny Hoppers located in Hamilton, ON offers a safe and secure environment for your ‘Little Hopper’ to grow and learn.

    February 2014

    Best Daycare in Ottawa – Faces Magazine

    Faces Magazine is a free monthly magazine featuring the people, places and faces of Ottawa. Each year Faces Magazine asks its readers to nominate and vote for the best Ottawa’s best people and businesses. Tiny Hoppers was one of the lucky recipients of a FABIO award, being voted the best daycare in Ottawa.

    January 2013

    Tiny Hoppers Riverside South moves to new 5100 Square Foot Location

    Tiny Hoppers Riverside South opened its doors January 2005.  Although the location is now boasting a gorgeous new facility and playground of over 5000 square feet. The beauty of this location lies with our amazing staff that have been with us for years.

    November 2012

    Mid-Sized Business of the Year award

    Brigida Aversa and Theresa Bertuzzi had the pleasure of accepting the mid-sized business of the year award given to Tiny Hoppers by the Ottawa Business Achievement Awards (Best Ottawa Business Awards). These annual awards feature an array of awards given to businesses within the Ottawa community.

    October 2012

    Brigida Aversa & Theresa Bertuzzi are Distinctive Women

    “In a world filled with vanilla, Brigida and Theresa are cotton candy!”- Distinctive Women
    Distinctive Women is a magazine that features women across Canada who contribute every day to the success of our communities. Brigida and Theresa had the amazing opportunity to share their story of Tiny Hoppers with readers of the publication.

    May 1st, 2012

    Forty Under 40 recipients show ‘Ottawa has a great future ahead’

    The annual awards program recognizes accomplished industry leaders who are under the age of 40 and also give back to their community. The awards are co-hosted by Ottawa Business Journal and the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce.

    We are proud to announce that we are the proud recipients of this years Ottawa Business Journals 40 under 40 award! [More on the story]

    Theresa Balys-Bertuzzi, Tiny Hoppers

    Brigida Castrucci-Aversa, Tiny Hoppers

    Februrary 25, 2012

    Tiny Hoppers Findlay Creek’s GRAND OPENING

    Come on out and Join Lori Campagna-Pinto and Dawn Beech and the rest of the HOPPER GANG this Saturday, February 25th from between 10am-1:30pm for the Grand Opening Party of our Findlay Creek location. Professional Face painting, Fun with Froggles our Mascot, Demonstration Play Class, Crafts, Great Prize Giveaways, Scholastic Book Fair and of course, CAKE and refreshments. Official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with Mayor Jim Watson, Councillor Steve Desroches and MP Lisa MacLeod at 10:15 am. Hope to see you there!!

    October 9, 2011

    Ottawa-funded nursery school breaks ground in Kenya

    Elimu is a non-profit organization founded by director Nina Chung to build schools and other educational facilities in East Africa. This summer, Coco’s Cafe in Riverside South and Tiny Hoppers child care centre and Global Child Care Services all came together to support the project, and encouraged their customers and clients to get involved as well. Through this, Elimu which means ‘education’ in Swahili raised $3,000 for its nursery school project in Sabaki, a small town outside Malindi, Kenya.

    Since the project is being built in stages as money rolls in, the toilets were dug first – partly because the latrines can serve as storage on site while the rest of the building is under construction later this year.

    Sabaki residents led the operation to dig the holes and install sewage tanks under the latrines. Chung, who spends most of the year in the Malindi area overseeing three charitable projects, said the community came to her with the nursery school idea and asked her to help.

    “I was looking around in their area for a piece of land for various other projects, and they said if you would like to assist us, what we really need is a nursery school,” Chung said.

    She explained that the closest primary school to the 5,000 person town is one kilometre away, so most children are held back until they are able to walk the distance themselves. Currently, the options for children under six are skipping early childhood education until they can walk to school, or attending the current nursery school in a rented building that is inadequate to serve the many nursery school students in the area.

    “There are already about 100 kids attending the school, but they’re running it out of a rented small cinder block home, which is quite dark and cramped but has a good roof and decent walls,” Chung said. It’s not a sustainable investment because it’s being rented, she added.

    The $25,000 CDN project aims to build the Upendo (Love) nursery school with three classrooms, some office space and storage with a proper foundation and cement floors by the end of next year.

    Of course, the project is far from a charitable hand-out. The community has been incredibly and necessarily involved, Chung said. On Sept 19, for example, the community planned to meet to discuss building the toilets. Instead they all showed up with shovels and broke ground that day. “I wasn’t really expecting them to do that, I thought they were just meeting. But they’re highly motivated, and they said ‘Here we are, let’s get digging,’” she said.

    The next steps will be to pour the foundation and floors of the main building, which will cost about $2,000. After that, about $11,000 is needed to build the walls.

    This fall, Coco’s Cafe and Goodfellow Cleaners will have donation boxes on site for Elimu. Tiny Hoppers and Global Child Care Services will host several fundraisers throughout the season. Residents can also donate at The non-profit organization is currently in the process of becoming an officially registered charitable organization.

    Community builders. Leaders of the Elimu nursery school project in Sabaki, Kenya joined community members at the site of Upendo Nursery School, where workers built the first wall of what will be the school’s bathrooms last week. Photo submitted An Ottawa-based non-profit organization has broken ground across the world with the help of several Riverside South businesses, completing the first step to a new nursery school in Kenya: the toilets.

    More on the Kenya Builders–ottawa-funded-nursery-school-breaks-ground-in-kenya

    July 28, 2011

    (L-R) Susan Stoltz and Nina Chung From left are public relations representative Susan Stoltz and founder of Elimu Nina Chung at Coco’s Cafe Friday, July 22.


    July 22-23, 2011

    Three Riverside South businesses are fundraising to build a new nursery school, but it’s not for Ottawa – they’re sending it across the world to Kenya. Tiny Hoppers, Global Child Care Services and Coco’s Café will host a two-day fundraiser on Friday, July 22 and Saturday, July 23 in an effort to raise $25,000 for a much-needed nursery school in Sabaki Village on the coast of Kenya. From open to close on Friday and Saturday, Coco’s Café at the corner of Canyon Walk Drive and Spratt Road will transform into a Kenyan cacophony of coffee and cultural displays, and proceeds from all small coffees and small ice creams will go toward the nursery school fund. Two local authors will also sell signed copies of their children’s books, with all proceeds benefiting the project. [Read More]

    Help build Nursery School in Kenya:

    Checkout Riverside South Forum

    July 2011

    Elimu celebrates the efforts of the community partners of Riverside South including Tiny Hoppers in helping raise funds to build adequate school facilities for Upendo Nursery School in Sebaki Village in

    Word Document Poster for Display (PDF)

    Word Document Coco Display AD (PDF)

    May 28-29th 2011

    Black Belt grading! Riverside Souths first black belts! (see photos). For additional photos, visit Hotmail Skydrive. (You must have a valid hotmail email).

    June 2009

    Tiny Hoppers makes a guest appearance on A-channel news (see photo) Tiny Hoppers FROGGLES Visits Steve Macleans Elementary School for Walk a thon (see photo) Tiny Hoppers at OTTAWA FERRARI FESTIVAL. Tiny Hoppers proudly sponsors a Ferrari Festival banner- proceeds going to Villa Marconi

    May 2009

    Owner Brigida is featured in Italian Newspaper with father. (more on story)

    February 2009 – Tiny Hoppers celebrates first year anniversary in Bridlewood location

    (Posted Feb 20, 2009 By Sabine Gibbins)

    It’s ‘quiet time’ for the kids at Tiny Hoppers. The children are either curled up on their favourite cozy blanket, or sitting quietly as relaxing piano music floats through the air. In a few moments, though, they’ll be allowed to race around the room, and climb on one of the colourful and safe play structures. Tiny Hoppers, which is based in Bridlewood, is celebrating its one-year anniversary this season in its Kanata location. As supervisor Shaunna Warren puts it, it has been a highly successful year and one on which they’d like to build. “We’d like to grow more as a business,” she says. Tiny Hoppers runs a nursery school, before and after school day care, play classes, and birthday parties. The programs are so popular with youngsters that at the end of the day, they are reluctant to leave, says Warren. They don’t want to leave to go home,” she says. “Their parents sometimes have to carry a lot of them out.” The play classes have grown immensely, and in the process, Warren and her colleagues have learned each child is unique from one another and all are treated differently. “We laugh with these kids every day,” she says. Safe, fun place to be. (more on story)

    February 22, 2008

    Tiny Hoppers is featured by the brains behind the scene, Brigida Aversa and Theresa Bertuzzi– (Co-Owners) in a segment of the A-Channel’s Morning Show. Two Hoppin’ Great Stars!

    November 2007

    Mayor Larry O’Brien and Councillor Steve Desrochers visited Tiny Hoppers

    October 6, 2007

    Tiny Hoppers Riverside South enjoying a “Halloween Special Play Class”

    October 5, 2007

    Tiny Hoppers Riverside South School Age Care Trip to Millers Pumpkin Patch NOW OPEN! Tiny Hoppers has opened its 2nd location in Bridlewood Kanata this past August. We are nieghbors with Gabriels Pizza, Broadways and the Works. We look forward to meet you all! Drop by and say “Hello!” Check us out regularly for further detail.

    May 22, 2007

    Tiny Hoppers hosts Jeff Hopper from the Achannel! . Tiny Hoppers had the pleasure of having the Achannel spend the morning with them on May 22nd . Focus was on summer camps. The children had a BLAST making frog rice krispies( Tiny Chefs camp) and frog slime (monstor science) . Also featured on the show was Bop ‘you drop for the Picassos Camp. Tiny Hoppers super star instructor Amanda also lead the children through Follow the leader and hosted the mom and me play class portion which had the children playing on the parachute and feeding the fish that hung from the ceiling!!!


    May 15, 2007

    Tiny Hoppers chosen as business of the month by Ottawa Babies “focus on local business

    June 3, 2007

    Tiny Hoppers proudly presents “Riverside South Kids Show” at the Rideauview Community Centre from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. Fun for kids. LOTS of EXHIBITS. Tiny Hoppers Sing-a-longs; Meet and greet “Adventure Girl”; Douvris Karate Demos; Pique Dance Demos; Face Painting; Baby Soft Climbers; and School Age Climbers. Admission is FREE. (Accepting gently used toys and clothes for the “Childrens Aid Society”). Event is sponsored by Gilmore Doculink International. To see AD. CLICK SEE AD.

    Word Document (Download “Kidsshow.pdf”-173kb)

    April 1, 2007

    Councillor Steve Desrochers gives Brigida Aversa and Theresa Bertuzzi a congratulatory certificate for their 2nd year in business. See full story in Ottawa South Weekender Paper! Friday, March 9th, 2007 Tiny Hoppers does a segment on the AChannel about mom and me classes.

    March 2007

    Douvris Karate instructors that teach kids karate program at Tiny Hoppers dominate Canadian Open . Aversa Brothers Fortunato and Domenic Aversa emerge as STARS at Canadian Karate Open ! The Brothers dominated and won the Team Matches and brought home $3000 in prize money! Team Matches proved to be the highlight of the event with Domenic as the last fighter up for his team , beating his opponent with a beautiful kick to the head in the last seconds! Both also won their individual divisions. -70 kg and -60 kg respectively.Fortunato was also runner up in the Elite Fighting Division which hosted North Americas best fighters all weight categories competing together for the Elite Fighter Title.

    February 28th, 2007

    Tiny Hoppers Chosen as Top Five Picks for things to do in Ottawa for mom’s and me classes.

    Word Document (Download “Parent_Zone.pdf”-42.5kb)

    February 10th, 2007

    Tiny Hoppers chosen as sponsor of the AChannel’s Cutest Baby Contest 2007.

    November 2006

    Riverside South resident and Douvris Karate franchise owner Fortunato Aversa wins GOLD MEDAL at the Karate World Championships in Spain. Riverside South resident and Douvris Karate Owner Fortunato Aversa wins a gold medal at the World Championships in Spain. Fortunato co-owns and operates the Douvris Martial Arts franchise in Riverside South which is taught at Tiny Hoppers. Fortunato emerged as a GOLD MEDALLIST in Spain competing in the -70 kg point fighting division. This is not the first time Fortunato has competed at the World Level. He has dominated the sport since 1993. OVER 13 years!!!!! Tiny Hoppers is proud to have such a World Class athlete at their centre!

    September 2006

    Tiny Hoppers expands by bringing its nursery school to Kemptville and Rockland!

    September 2005

    Tiny Hoppers and Douvris Martial Arts have partnered up! Ottawa leading martial arts centre will be opening a new franchise in the Tiny Hoppers in Riverside South.

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