Corporate Team

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    • Brigida Aversa
      Chief Operating Officer / Co-Owner & Founder

      Brigida Aversa

      Chief Operating Officer / Co-Owner & Founder

      Brigida Aversa’s experience is in business. She is an award winning top sales and marketing professional spanning many fields such as sightseeing , transportation, cosmetics, childrens services, and retail. Brigida also has over 16 years experience in managing small businesses and franchising. Her dedication to children dates back over 20 years as a volunteer coordinator for childrens fashion shows, fundraising events, assisting young children aged 3-15 years with self esteem and self confidence. Brigida is heavily involved in community fundraising and charity events.

    • Theresa Bertuzzi
      Chief Program Development Officer / Co-Owner & Founder

      Theresa Bertuzzi

      Chief Program Development Officer / Co-Owner & Founder

      All of our programs have been carefully designed by Theresa Balys Bertuzzi, a certified and experienced Primary Teacher, who has qualifications in Early Childhood Education. She also has over 10 years experience as an award winning synchronized swimming coach where she specialized in motivating young children while helping them to recognize their self importance.

    • Aldin and Chantal Thomas

      Aldin and Chantal Thomas

      We have been proud owners of Tiny Hoppers Findley Creek since May 2014. We really enjoy being a business owner. It allows a more flexible schedule, so we can be there for our family.

      We feel completely supported by our corporate office. They are extremely dedicated and knowledgeable and always available to answer any questions or concerns. I know we are backed by a reputable and fast growing company that will look out for our best interest.

      We highly recommend Tiny Hoppers to anyone who is interested in owning a childcare centre and working with an amazing and dedicated team. We will most definitely continue to grow with this company.”

      Aldin and Chantal Thomas

    • Katy Lu, Tiffany Wang, Summer Wang

      Katy Lu, Tiffany Wang, Summer Wang

      Welcome to Tiny Hoppers Willoughby! We opened our doors on September 10th, 2018, and we are proud to be the first Tiny Hoppers location in British Columbia! We pride ourselves on being an early learning centre that ensures quality child care to all families in a: safe, educational and fun environment. We offer a nurturing and caring atmosphere that supports children of all ages needs as well as peace of mind to families. Tiny Hoppers Willoughby provides a setting where children learn and grow to reach their full potential. We are the proud Master Franchisors for British Columbia

      Katy Lu, Tiffany Wang, Summer Wang

    • Rashid Nasim
      Chief Financial Officer and Co-Owner
    • Sherrie Maclean
      Global Licensing and Support Manager
    • Pam Davies
      Global Curriculum Developer Manager
    • Rendi Lamontagne
      Regional Director Alberta
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