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Safe and Secure Environment

We offer a safe and secure Early Education Centre conveniently located in Burlington with a specialized curriculum designed to meet the intellectual, social, and emotional needs of each child that enters our facility. We believe that every child deserves a healthy, positive learning environment. And at Tiny Hoppers, our qualified and friendly staff will do whatever it takes to ensure that your children feel safe, comfortable, and have fun.

An Enriching Curriculum

At Tiny Hoppers Burlington, our program is designed to help your child discover, learn, and grow within a fun and nurturing setting. Our core curriculum has been developed by leading professionals in education and early childhood studies. Each program sets out goals for learning and development which are enhanced with activities that are designed to promote creativity and expression while introducing children to new situations and experiences. Through our program, every child will be given the support, attention, and tools they need to develop a solid foundation in literacy, critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration to help better prepare them for the world ahead.

Staff Who Truly Care

What really makes Tiny Hoppers stand out? Our caring and devoted staff who want only the best for your children. Each of our staff members are certified and thoroughly trained to provide enriching lessons in social, physical, and emotional development. They’re also incredibly kind, caring, and compassionate. Their goal is to help support each child’s unique interests and needs and provide an environment that will enhance their growth in a holistic manner.

A Warm and Welcoming Space

We’ve designed our space to be both stimulating and welcoming for children with a colourful, bright, clean, and cozy space for them to enjoy. Our innovative setup is designed to promote creativity and critical thinking. It’s also stocked with fun equipment and toys to help put your children at ease so they can feel comfortable, express themselves, and embrace learning in their own special way.

A Convenient Flexible Schedule

We know what it’s like to juggle a hectic schedule. That’s why we offer flexible solutions for all of our busy parents. You can opt to find full time or part-time programs for your infant, toddler or pre-schooler to work with your demanding schedule.

Tiny Hoppers is much more than a daycare – it’s an award-winning Early Learning Centre that goes the extra mile to instill creativity and critical development in a fun and enjoyable setting for your child.

Services Offered:

  • Infant Daycare. 6 months- 1.5 yrs
  • Toddler (Full day) 1.5 years – 2.5 yrs
  • Preschoolers (Full day) 2.5 – 5 yrs
  • Mom and Me Play classes
  • Birthday Parties
  • Parents Night Out


Our Staff:


Gillian Mathias

Sheriene Milad

Centre Details:

2204 Industrial Street
Burlington, ON L7P 0N6

Mon to Friday 7 am to 6:00 pm

[email protected]


It can be such a difficult decision for a parent to go back to work. The decision to go back to work after my maternity leave and leave my son with “strangers” every day was not made easy and I am so grateful for the amazing women who are taking care of and teaching my son every day. They have calmed every reservation I ever had starting him in daycare with their extremely confident attitudes and skills. Starting with the tour of the facility when my son was three months old, to the transition week when he started at 12 months, to now as he is almost on his way to the toddler room, every single person he had encountered makes him feel like he belongs. They care for him as if he is their own, when he’s having an off day, they notice and make sure everything is okay and always have a fun story or picture of something cute that he’s done that day. We recently had a family emergency which affected our routine and life. The team at Tiny Hoppers took extra care of my son as he was shaken up from the change and they even went a step further and took care of my nephew for that week who was here from out of town with my brother. I couldn’t have gotten through that situation had it not been for their help and support. My son walks willingly into Tiny Hoppers Monday to Friday, always stopping at each room waiting for a smile, high five, or cuddle from one of the amazing teachers there and he always receives the attention he loves. I have absolutely no reservations about recommending this daycare for your little one. The amount of skills my baby has already learned in his time there have transformed him into a brilliant little boy and I am so grateful to Taniesha, Aurora, Nadira, Natalie, Sam, Veronica, Jill, and Sherine for taking care of him.

Happy Hoppers Parents

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