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A Safe and Inclusive Environment

At all Tiny Hoppers locations, including our Global Headquarters in Ottawa, we are very proud of the warm and welcoming environment that we continue to provide. With daily activities that are both educational and collaborative, your child will have the opportunity to develop important skills while forming positive relationships at the same time. We firmly believe a child develops best in a positive and inclusive environment and as a result, we want all children to feel like Tiny Hoppers is there second home. Upon arrival, they will be greeted by our friendly and attentive staff with open arms.

Professional and Warm Staff

You can rest assured that our team delivers the highest level of professionalism and attentiveness to both you and your child’s needs. We ensure that all of our staff members are not only qualified with a related degree or diploma in child development and CPR and First-Aid certified but also passionate and caring individuals with a positive attitude. We foster the inclusive and warm environment that your child needs to succeed, and we strongly believe this starts with our staff.

Schedules Designed with You in Mind

Juggling hectic schedules is what we’re best at! At Tiny Hoppers, we offer a wide variety of programs and schedules to ensure that everyone’s needs are met, regardless of how busy life gets. If you’re unsure which program is best suited for you and your child, we will work with you to find the best fit based on your needs and expectations. We currently offer full-time, part-time, seasonal programs, day camps and more!

Award-Winning Programs

It’s no surprise that no two children are the same and each has their own needs and learning abilities. We know this so well, that we’ve developed a wide variety of programs and classes to benefit each unique individual. We get to know each child well and gather a thorough understanding of how we can best support their growth and development. In order to achieve the best results, we have the best staff who are all knowledgeable, experienced, patient, and passionate individuals.

If you’re considering enrolling your child in one of our programs, contact us today and we will answer any questions you may have as well as provide guidance on which program will suit your child best. We look forward to hearing from you!

Services Offered:

Full Time daycare Infants
Full time daycare for Toddlers
Full time & Part time daycare for Preschoolers

  • Full Time Daycare for Infants
  • Full Time & Part Time Daycare for Toddlers
  • Full Time & Part Time Daycare for Preschoolers

Our Staff:

Brigida Aversa,
Theresa Bertuzzi,
Rashid Nasim


Cora Stevenson


Centre Details:

360 Lisgar Street- First Floor, Ottawa ON

Monday-Friday 7:00 to 5:00

[email protected]


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