Nutrition and Allergies in Child Care

February 21, 2022

Healthy eating can look different in every family and we know that nutrition effects the growth of a child, emotionally and physically. That is why it is important for us, at Tiny Hoppers Richmond East, to ensure that children are given nutritious and delicious options for meal times throughout the day. Seeing food items that are reflective of their cultures is just as important as being served new food items.

Our in-house chef makes fresh food, adheres to the Canada Food Guide and holds a valid Food Safe certificate. Previously, Canada’s Food Guide recommended quantities of food groups for each age group. The new revised version allows for the healthy plate method; half a plate of healthy vegetables and fruits, a quarter plate of protein and a quarter plate of grains. This change allows us to cater to the cultures of our community and explore a variety of taste and textures. When a young child is exposed to a variety of tastes and textures, they are more willing to try new food items later on in life.

While exploring foods can be exciting and fun, it can be nerve-wrecking and daunting for families with children with mild to severe allergies. Food Allergy Canada (2022) reports “there is no cure for food allergies and is considered a public health issue in Canada. Almost 500,000 Canadian children under 18 years have food allergies and 1-in-2 Canadian households are impacted by a food allergy”. This is why allergy safety is a top priority at Tiny Hoppers Richmond East. Each member of our team is required to obtain an Allergy Aware certificate. “ offers online anaphylaxis courses for the community, developed by leaders in health education – Food Allergy Canada and Leap Learning Technologies – and medically reviewed by Canadian allergist” (2022, Food Allergy Canada). Along with an Allergy Aware certificate, team members will also have a Food Safe certificate, ensuring they are aware of food safe handling processes and policies. For more information, check out the resources below.

Allergy Aware

Canada Food Guide

Food Allergy Canada

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