Anyone Can Cook!

March 1, 2022

Wouldn’t it be nice if learning math was as tasty as eating pancakes? At Tiny Hoppers Richmond East, it is! Measuring flour can be more than just following a recipe. For an older child, it is practicing counting and providing a tactile experience that helps the child connect a number to a tangible action. For a younger toddler or infant, it is an introduction to the sound of numbers and a fine motor experience. Emergent Curriculum allows for flexibility to explore a child’s curiosity and questions to any length.

Cracking eggs are not the typical experience of a one-two step action. Instead it may provoke questions like, “where did this egg come from” or “why is the egg hard outside and soft inside”. Explorations like these are thrilling for a Tiny Hoppers teacher because learning is no longer linear. Explorations are limitless and endless! With Emergent Curriculum, the ever popular question “why” is finally welcomed!

The next time you are cooking or baking with your child, try asking some open-ended leading questions and enjoy the journey it takes you and your child on. If you are looking for a cooking idea, click here for a simple pancake recipe. Think of it as an analogy for Emergent-style learning. A base pancake recipe can be simple, yet as you add fruits or jams or chocolates (yum), the experience only widens the possibilities of extensions to the recipe.

Your partner in learning,

Fiona Abbas-Lee

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