Does Asking Questions Make You A Troublesome Parent?

February 15, 2022

You love your children. You spend your days making sure their every need is met and making sure they feel understood and safe in your care. So what happens when you make the decision to send them to child care? You no longer have access to their every waking moment. There may be scrapes and bruises that happen where you will not be there to hug and kiss away.

How do you feel safe so that your children will also feel safe? Ask questions. Any question! Small. Big. Long. Short. Ask us anything about things that you are unsure of, things that make you feel concerned, or that you are uncomfortable with.

Our Tiny Hoppers Richmond East team will do their utmost best to make your family’s transition into our program a success. However, we cannot fully provide the care you need, until we know what you need. Let us support you in your hesitations and celebrate the successes. The next time you worry, remember that we are here to help. Because your family’s success is our success.

Your partner-in-learning,
Fiona Abbas-Lee

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