Process to Becoming a Master Franchisee

  • 1 Make a Request

    Complete the online FRANCHISE INFORMATION REQUEST form and/or email [email protected]

    2 Initial Conversation

    We will discuss your background, the financial investment and qualification we are looking for in a Master franchisee.

    3 Qualification form Submitted

    We will forward you the Qualification form for you to complete and return.

    4 Steady Dialog

    We will begin a steady dialog while providing any and all answers you are seeking to help you feel confident in your research and your decision making process

    5 Forward a copy of our Master franchise agreement

    Once we progress through the standard questions and answers and receive your qualification form, we will; forward you a copy of our Master Franchise Agreement for your review.

    6 Meet our Team at Tiny Hoppers

    After agreeing in principle on the terms and conditions for the rights to your regioncountry. You will join us at our headquarters in Ottawa, Canada to attend a  Discovery Day. Your visit to Ottawa will be to meet key executives and staff and confirm what you have learned about our concept, operations, training and support. 

    7 Execution of Franchise Agreements and Franchise Training

    We will sign the Franchise Agreement and schedule a one-week training in Ottawa that will provide you with all the tools necessary to grow the Tiny Hoppers brand across your country!

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