What to Do When Your Kids Aren’t Getting Along Well with Others

September 25, 2018

Children innately enjoy helping others and showing kindness, but sometimes they can require a little more nurturing and guidance to get there. If your kids aren’t getting along well with others, it’s our job as parents to teach them how to become caring and respectful as they continue to grow. Learn how to help your children control their behaviour and show more kindness to others with these simple strategies.

Lead By Example

Children pick up on so many subtle behaviours and actions which is why it’s always important to lead by example. If you want your kids to get along well with others, show them how. As parents, it’s natural to prioritize the needs of our kids over others, but this can eventually foster an imbalance, making it difficult for your children to understand that the needs of others matter as well. Show them the importance of being caring and respectful, even if that means placing others’ needs before their own.

Practise Caring & Gratitude

To encourage your kids to be kinder, allow them to practice how to be more caring towards others. Encourage them to share their snacks or pass the ball to a friend. Then, when it’s reciprocated, teach them how to express their gratitude. Small gestures like this can be very effective at nurturing good habits that will help your little one grow into a better human being.

Help Them Manage Their Emotions

Controlling behaviour and outbursts is something that should be taught early to help children understand how to control and manage their emotions. Kids who are allowed to let their anger, envy, jealousy, or other negative feelings control them regularly, usually find it more difficult to get along with others since they’re more overwhelmed by their own emotions. Teach your child how to calm down, take a breath and count out loud until they settle. Remind them to do this each time they get worked up so they can learn what steps to take when they feel upset.

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