Ways a Franchisee Can Help Ease Children’s Nerves

November 20, 2017

The first few days of daycare can be very stressful for children. It’s the first time they leave their parents and enter into a whole new, unfamiliar world. But with the right childcare program and dedicated staff, your child’s anxiety can be vastly reduced. If you’ve been trying to decide between an independent childcare provider or a franchisee, let us show you the ways in which a franchisee can help to ease children’s nerves.

Provides A Tested Program

Franchisees use tried and tested programs and behavioural guidance strategies to ensure your children are taken care of to the best of their ability. Having a professional grade program that is designed to identify any workplace issues that can create stress, while improving on them, can make all the difference. Employees who operate on established programs are proven to be better at managing children’s physical and emotional needs -especially when it comes to anxiety and stress.

Well-Organized Staff

Daycare franchisees have a reputation to withhold and stringent standards to follow set by the franchiser. This means that training is at the top of their priority list, and the more training the staff has had, the more organized they will be. And of course, it’s no surprise that children feel more comfortable in a well-organized and stable environment.

Low Turnover of Personnel

Constant turnover of staff can cause increased anxiety for your children. They need security, and the more familiar they are with the staff, the happier and more at ease they become. At a franchisee, it’s one of the major priorities to hire the best staff and to ensure employee retention. Franchisees can also offer better pay and benefits to employees, which helps to ensure they maintain the best staff at all times. This is one of the essential ways that a franchisee can help ease children’s nerve as they become familiar with each person at daycare.

Reduced Work Overload

Daycare franchisees are required to follow proper government regulations when setting employees work schedules, allowable hours, and proper staffing requirements. This means that staff will have a reasonable workload to avoid feeling burned out. If staff are overloaded, then their stress can wear off onto the kids, heightening their anxiety levels in return. At a franchisee, your children will experience happier, more patient and responsible staff.

Set Policies and Procedures

Emergency evacuations, health, and safety policies, and personal well-being requirements are just some of the policies and procedures you can expect from a Franchisee. A safe, clean, and well-maintained daycare can make not only your child feel more comfortable but also you as a parent knowing they are secure.

There’s no doubt about it; a franchisee is the best option when it comes to your child’s daycare options. Professional training, stringent polices and procedures, and happier, organized staff are just a few of the benefits that you and your child can enjoy.

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