7 Fun Ways to Conquer Bedtime Monsters

November 14, 2017

Are your kids losing sleep over scary monsters? Then you need both an effective and entertaining way to get rid of the beasts to get you both some quality sleep. Check out our favourite list of seven fun ways to conquer bedtime monsters so you can finally get the rest that you both need.

Use Your Pets

A fun way to overcome the ‘monsters’ is to let your kids know that your dog or cat will stand guard to protect them. You can explain that the real purpose of your pet is to protect the house from monsters during the night. Bring the pet into their bedroom at bedtime so they can see them and feel more comforted.

Create a Chant

Skip the lullaby and create a fun chant that you and the kids can sing before bed. Singing the monsters away will also create a more positive and relaxing environment before bedtime.

Use Halloween Spider Webs

By simply re-using your Halloween decorations you can decorate your child’s room with the spider webs to catch the monsters. You can then use the empty webs the next morning as proof that the monsters must have been scared off and are now gone for good.

Get a Magic Blanket

What you really need to protect the kids while they sleep is a magic blanket. Any new blanket will do, but you can really play up the magic theme by finding a blanket that has unique designs on it. Wizards or fairy prints work best as you can convince your kids that they come alive after they go to sleep to keep the monsters away at night.

Take the Monsters Out

Get a box and put a stuffed animal inside, and tell the kids you caught the monster and are taking it out to the monster garbage. Make sure to move the box around, so the stuffed animal thumps against the sides creating an effect. Don’t forget to take a little drive around the block with the box, so when you come back, you can let them know that you dropped the monster off at its real home.

Spray Them Away

Try placing a label on the front of a water bottle called “Monster Repellent.” Before the kids go to bed, give a little spray in their closet and under the bed to repel the monsters from their rooms.

Smudge Them Away

By lighting a smudge stick that’s made of a blend of dried herbs, you can cleanse the monsters out of your child’s bedroom. Your kids will get a kick out of the ceremony, and it will also create a nice aroma in their room.

With these tactics, you can conquer the bedtime monsters for good. So, when it’s time to turn out the lights you and the kids can enjoy restful, monster-free sleep.

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