7 Things We Love To Do With Our Children During The Holidays

December 15, 2017

Looking for some fun and engaging activities to do with your children this holiday season? With the wintery wonderland upon us, there’s no better way to embrace the season than by having some things lined up to do both inside and outside of the home. We’ve put a list together of 7 things we love to do with our children during the holidays that can inspire some ideas for you and maybe even create some new family traditions in your home during this time of the year.

Going Ice Skating

It’s that time again to strap on your skates and hit your local rink! Ice-skating is one of our favourite past times as Canadians. You don’t have to be a hockey or figure skater to enjoy it, and you don’t even need to own your own pair of skates – you can easily rent one from the rink. You can check out some different rink options like one that’s nestled in a picturesque location or even downtown amidst the twinkling city lights with some music to skate along to. The whole family will love it!


Wintertime usually means snowballs, forts, and of course tobogganing. All you need is some fresh snow, a sled, a designated toboggan hill, and then you’re all set to enjoy a little winter rush. Just remember to be safe and use caution.

Visiting Santa

Every year, when Santa comes down from the North Pole to visit many of the shopping malls during the holidays, it’s the perfect time to catch a glimpse and let your kids meet him. You can bring them to sit on Santa’s knee, snap a photo and let him know in person what’s on their list.

Building Snowmen

What is wintertime without a good old-fashioned snowman? Get on your snowsuit and head outside to help the kids roll up their snowballs. You can build your own creative snowman or even a family of them together.

Creating Gingerbread Houses

Another activity that we love to do with our children during the holiday season is building gingerbread houses together. This is a fun family tradition that’s perfect for the indoors during those extra cold, bitter evenings. You can either pick up a kit that comes with all the ingredients you need, or you can create your own from scratch. It’s the perfect way to let everyone get creative and show off their own individual masterpieces before munching away on them.

Decorate For The Holidays

Kids love to do all types of crafts during this time of year. So fire up the holiday music, make some hot chocolate, and get the kids in on the holiday decorating. There are lots of fun and easy-to-do crafts that your kids will enjoy, like cutting out snowflakes, decorating the tree, and making their own elf hats.

Have A Movie Night

Sometimes, there’s no better way to enjoy the evenings with the family than by cozying up together on the couch with some popcorn and great movies. Whether it’s some good old classics or a selection that you vote on, planning a few family movies nights is always one of the favourite things we love to do with the kids during this time of year.

The holidays don’t just have to be fun for the kids – you can enjoy them too! If you’re looking for simple ways to make the most of the holiday season with your family, don’t forget to include some of these fun activities that everyone will love.

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