Preparing Your Child for School

September 6, 2016

The end of summer is a time filled with mixed emotions. This countdown can be bittersweet. For parents who have children who are starting their first year of school they may be more nervous than their kids for September! Here are four tips for getting your kids prepared for the upcoming school year.

Start getting them up at school waking hours a week or two before school starts

Although your young child may be resistant to the idea of getting up before the sun while it’s still summertime, they will thank you later for it. Children are creatures of habit, and if you change their routine suddenly and expect them to react positively you have something else coming to you. By establishing your child’s sleep routine a week or two in advance you give yourself a fighting chance at them getting up willingly for the first day of school. This includes going to bed at a decent time as well.

Take your kids to the dentist before school starts

Once school begins things will suddenly be so much busier and things may be forgotten in the shuffle. By sending your kids to a pediatric dentist and getting a check-up before the school year starts, you ensure that proper oral health care is achieved and will not be forgotten later down the line. This is extra important with Halloween candies and Christmas sweets just around the corner!

Talk to your children about school

Sitting down and having a discussion about what kids can expect when they go to school is an important task, especially for first-time schoolgoers. You children trust you and will benefit from your guidance in this matter. Explain to them how there is a teacher, similar to daycare, and how they must listen to the teacher at all times. Explain different classroom dynamics and how to deal with other children. And explain that at the end of the day they get to come home to you just as they always have with daycare. Each child is different and you know your child’s mannerisms better than anyone, so ease any concerns there may be about attending school with a few heartfelt conversations.

Listen to your children

Talking to your kids is always great, but it’s equally important to listen to what they have to say. You can spend days talking to them and attempting to prepare them for school, but if you ask them what their thoughts or concerns are you may get answers that are completely different from what you have been talking about. Kids need to be heard and their concerns should be addressed. Listen to your kids; you’ll be impressed by how much they have to say!

Tiny Hoppers’ before and after school day care programs can help make school days a little easier for the whole family. While you’re off at work, your children will be engaged in education games and activities to have fun, build social connections, and learn. Our programs are fully licensed and registered with the Ministry of Education.

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