How to Have Fun When It’s Raining

September 19, 2016

Rain can put a stop to many outdoor activities and at times can flat out ruin things. However, we need to accept that rain is necessary and it’s not up to us if it stays or goes, so we may as well get on board with it! There are plenty of fun things to do when you are rained in. Here are five fun options for rainy day activities in Ottawa.

Explore a Museum or Two!

In Ottawa we have some of the most amazing and interactive museums in the world so why not spend some time exploring? There are many to choose from and almost all of them have programs geared for kids. A few of the more child-friendly museums in Ottawa are:

  • Canadian Museum of Nature
  • Canadian Aviation and Space Museum
  • Canadian Museum of History and Civilization (in Gatineau)

Go Swimming

Discover your local community centre or public pool and go for a family swim! It can be hard to justify swimming indoors when it’s beautiful outside, but when it’s raining cats and dogs swimming indoors suddenly seems like a lot of fun. There are many indoor public pools situated all over the city, a quick search will reveal the ones in your area.

Craft Time Inside

Take advantage of the rain keeping you indoors to explore some of your own creativity! Have your kids all come together for a kitchen time craft session. Pull out anything and everything that can be used in art form and let the creativity take over.

Play in the Rain (Barring Any Thunder or Lightning)

Having a rainy day does not necessarily mean you are stuck indoors. If the rain is safe and free of any thunder or lightning, then put the kids in raincoats and rubber boots and set them free in the backyard! It’s like having a splash pad in your own backyard. Puddle jumping can keep kids entertained for a very long time. Just be certain to abandon all wet clothes at the door upon re-entry into the house!

Visit Your Local Library

Most communities have a public library close by, and these libraries typically have different programs running throughout the year. Even if there is nothing structured to do at the library, kids can still find exciting things to do and learn about on their own. Try getting some of their friends to come along for the trip and have each pick out a new book to explore.

Don’t let rain get your down. Take a rainy day as an opportunity to try something new!

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