The Challenges & Rewards of Being a Business Owner

October 13, 2016

One of the most difficult things for a parent to do is leave their child with someone else to care for them while the parent goes to work. Trusting another person with the most important person in your life is a tremendously huge deal and does not come lightly. Owning a daycare facility where you can provide a warm, safe and inviting atmosphere for both parents and children alike is a big undertaking. However, the rewards of such an undertaking are countless. Here are some of the challenges and rewards that daycare owners face on a daily basis.


Providing a safe place for children to grow and prosper while maintaining parental comfort levels. At Tiny Hoppers, the environment is a child’s paradise. Play areas and bright colours make it inviting for children to come into the space. As the owner you can put care into how the space looks to be certain that the parents and children are all comfortable with the time spent at the daycare.


Seeing children grow up right before your eyes. Daycare providers spend a significant amount of time with children and are in part responsible for raising the children. Knowing that the parents of all the children have confidence in your business, enough to leave their kids with you every single day is a huge reward. There is no greater feeling than seeing a child grow under your direction and care.


Keeping children constantly engaged and continuously learning. It’s no secret, children are hyper and excited, especially when you put many of them together in a room! They seem to feed off each other’s energy and that energy seems to grow as quickly as they do. A continuous challenge of a daycare owner is to keep the children under control while still keeping them happy. It is certainly not a job for everyone, however those who choose to own a daycare tend to put their heart and soul into it.


Being your own boss and making hiring decisions. Owning your own Tiny Hoppers Franchise is a fantastic way for you to become your own boss and set the stage for your daycare facility. Having hiring control over your staff is how you can ensure that your standards of care are constantly being met. In a daycare setting a boss needs to trust their staff because their staff are directly involved with the children, who are by far the most important part of any daycare.

Although some parents may have a difficult time leaving their children at daycare for the entire day, they can also take comfort in knowing that their daycare owner is completely dedicated to their child and their job.

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