Help! My Toddler is a Picky Eater

September 25, 2017

When it comes to eating solid foods, it can take time for your toddler to get used to all the different textures and flavours.  And sometimes it can feel as if their eating habits and preferences are changing daily. So, before you get frustrated with your little picky eater, now is a time to try some new things to ensure they are building healthy habits that will continue into their adulthood. Here are five easy tips you can try today with your picky eater.


Create Variety

To ensure your child is getting enough of the right food groups, serve a variety of healthy foods to them at each and every meal. This works best if you offer new foods with some of their recent favourites. They may be more open to trying something new if you’re not presenting a meal of entirely unfamiliar foods. Plus, you may discover that your toddler likes more healthy foods than you thought.


Invite a Friend

Sometimes all it takes is for another kid to snatch a piece of food off their tray for your toddler to want to eat it. Your kid may not love the taste immediately but at least it helps to get your toddler past the hurdle of trying a new food item.


Boost Nutritional Value

Try to boost the nutritional value by adding pureed vegetables to one of the meals that your toddler prefers, or little chunks of fruit in their cereal. Sure, it may seem like you are tricking them, but until they grow fonder of healthier foods and snacks, this is a fantastic way to ensure they are getting all the vitamins they need to stay healthy.


Eat the Food Yourself

Whenever you put the food down on their try and they resist, take a bite yourself and show them how tasty it really is. If your child sees you eating the food they will be more inclined to try it, even if you have to fake it. Your kids will be more willing to try something you are eating.


Don’t Push

Experts have found that when parents force their children to eat certain foods, they only attract negative connotations to it. Instead, put the food down, and don’t stress over it if they don’t want to eat a particular item that day.


Give Praise

As soon as your toddler tries something new, give them some praise and support. Let them know that it’s great they tried the broccoli today. This will keep them motivated to try more new things.

Fussy eating habits often leave parents frustrated and worried that their toddler isn’t getting the right nutritional value from their meals. But you shouldn’t worry too much, it’s perfectly normal for your child to be a picky eater. If you are following the above tips you can feel confident that you’re doing the best you can as a parent to ensure their health is on the right track. Remember: don’t forget about bi-yearly dental visits!

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