Appreciating Sweaters During Dress Up Days

October 3, 2017

Dress up days are always fun especially when parents and kids get to bring out their inner designers and come up with creative ways of sprucing up outfits. For the artistic minds out there, a blank canvas can sometimes be as plain as a living room wall waiting to be decorated or as simple as an old sweater that’s been on the lower section of the closet for some time. So when it comes to using these almost forgotten articles of clothing for dress up day, sweatshirts are generally considered a work of art waiting to happen. Throughout the years, however, these warm and fuzzy clothes have developed a repulsive notion of being called: ugly.

According to Study Canada, finding ways to overcome the frigid climate are at the top of the priority list, with dress-up days primarily involving an assortment of sweaters, boots, and headwear. For this reason alone, parents can easily appreciate how retail companies nowadays have come up with ways to not just provide warmth during the cold season, but also add a little sense of style to the equation. In addition, recent times have sparked a mini evolution in children’s clothing.

Gone are the days when boys are limited to superhero-themed fashion or blue sweaters, while girls’ choices only range from princesses to pink sweatshirts. Today, children enjoy diverse selections in clothing, in fact, Tootsa MacGinty founder and designer, Kate Pietrasik who prides herself on the company’s sweater range, wrote an interesting piece on the subject. The article, simply entitled ‘Dress Up Days’, Pietrasik tackled the importance of giving kids a fashionable life that’s free from boundaries and have plenty of opportunities. These same opportunities lead to having a style that goes beyond the borders of gender, an idea that pushes the limitations of creativity, and an open mind that erases negative impressions.

Essentially, kids don’t worry about style as much as their parents. Most of the time, they’re these wonderful souls that care about playing with friends, learning new Justin Bieber songs, and having long naps. Of course, at the end of it all, it wouldn’t hurt for someone to look his or her best, especially during dress up days.


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