5 Tips for New Child Care Franchisees

September 11, 2017

Are you starting a new child care franchise? Before opening the doors, make sure you know the secrets to making your business a success. Check out these five tips for starting your new child care franchisee off on the right foot.


Create a Safe Environment

Every child care facility should be a place where children can feel comfortable and safe while they learn. And if you’re not careful you could open a facility that isn’t up to par on safety and cleanliness, which could immediately impact your success. To avoid any safety downfalls, know the regulations and ensure that all the toys and games are made from non-toxic materials before you purchase. Then test out your child care centre before opening the doors. Try inviting a group of mom-friends to walk around and find potential hazards, and then immediately correct all problem areas. Also, employ safe cleaning products and practices to ensure that children are free from potentially dangerous chemicals and other concerns.


Learn from Others

Before you launch your own franchise, spend some quality time with other teachers in different facilities. Learn new techniques about how they effectively handle tricky situations and control large groups of children with ease. You can also check for local or online classes and courses in child development to develop new skills and practices. And don’t forget to become an active member in the professional community. Professional industry groups provide opportunities for meeting like-minded people while learning about the standards, laws, and curriculum program requirements necessary to be successful in the industry.


Create Routine & Structure

You could be starting off on the wrong foot if you open the doors without creating a well thought out program for the year. Instead, create an engaging daily schedule for children with start and finish times for each activity. A consistent routine that exhibits structure can help children be more focused and enhance their learning. Just ensure there is still enough room for some flexibility, as not all children learn the same way. For extra bonus points, you can implement information boards to help keep parents updated on what their child is learning each day. This not only helps parents to be more involved with their child’s development, but also helps you to be more engaged with the parents.


Build Relationships in Your Community

The success of your child care program will be dependant on how people view your business. To understand what you are doing right and what you can improve on, you need to get engaged in the community. By being a more active member in the community and attending events that matter to parents, you can easily network and promote your business. People are more likely to enlist their children in your program if they know who you are and believe you are a friendly and trustworthy face in the industry.


Get Excited

Children easily absorb your emotions, so if you start off reflecting the stress associated with building a franchise instead of the excitement of running one, you may negatively impact your business. So instead, get excited, and show everyone just how much you love working in this industry.

Opening your own child daycare franchise can be plenty of work and at times very challenging. Take it from us at Tiny Hoppers, we know how hard it can be, but also how truly rewarding it can be once it’s started. So instead of worrying, make sure you implement these five tips mentioned above to promote yourself and your facility, and everything will fall into place.

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