Why Early Learning is Important

May 28, 2014

Our brains are the most receptive to learning from birth until the age of three. With this in mind you should be using this time to assist your child in being successful when entering the full-day kindergarten program. It is important to provide your child with as much early learning opportunities as possible.

Neural Pathways

Between birth to the age of three your child’s brain requires the intake of new information in order to develop neural pathways. Early learning is the ideal way to help your child develop these pathways. Neural pathways are required to enable action potential by stimulating electrical activity. Early learning will enhance cognitive and socio-emotional gains building the foundations of learning.

Foundations of Learning

Early learning will assist in all future learning for your child. A learning foundation is based on the following:

  • Day to day experiences through interaction with parents, adults and other children shape the “architecture” of the brain to build the foundation for behaviour, health, well-being and learning.
  • Early learning will stimulate a child’s brain development during these all important early years.
  • Regulation of everything from behaviour to emotion as well as attention span and even the ability to respond in relationships will begin during these years and grow as a child matures.

Effective Learning Environments

You have to consider your own personal views of children and how you will interact with your child at home. If you are not responsive with your child and do not encourage self-regulation skills in your child it can have a negative effect on their ability to learn. Your child must enjoy day to day engagement that challenges them and encourages thinking and development. Not all parents have the skills to provide this effective learning environment, although they are able to provide the love and support also required for balance and well-being. An effective learning environment will provide the tools and equipment to encourage learning.

Effective Tools

Early childhood education centres provide the tools required to keep your child engaged and better able to learn including:

  • Furniture to encourage group exploration and learning
  • Materials that will encourage a number of learning experiences such as dramatic play, natural inquiry and creativity
  • Opportunities to interact with nature
  • Areas to share and read
  • Materials to draw, write and create
  • Areas to encourage physical activity

By encouraging neural pathways, early learning and effective environments your child will have the foundation of learning needed to enter full-day kindergarten.


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