8 Fun Exploring Activities for Kids

August 28, 2017


Toddlers are fascinated with the world around them. And they’re just starting to learn and explore what everything is – from the rocks on the ground, to their face in the mirror, to the feel of the grass under their toes. The more they explore the more they will learn to move their bodies, build social skills and express themselves. So get your little one outside this summer with these eight fun exploring activities for kids that will help them grow and have fun.


Toy Box

Fill up a toy box up with a variety of different toys – dolls, tea sets, clothes, shapes etc. – and then let your toddler take out the toys and explore how they can be played with and mixed together. It will encourage their imagination to get creative and also help them learn patterns, shapes and hand-eye coordination.


Tactile Toys

One thing is for sure – kids love touching, squeezing, poking, and pulling. That’s why tactile toys are such great tools for them to explore the sense of touch. Play-Doh and other textured toys are soft, flexible, and safe, making them a great option for kids.



Toddlers are also fascinated with throwing, pushing, and rolling balls around. Keep a variety of sizes and textures of balls that your toddler can play with.


Building Toys

Lego, stacking blocks, and other building toys are a great way for your kid to explore their own creativity. It also helps them to learn shapes, follow instructions and problem solve. Just make sure you keep a close eye in case they put the pieces into their mouth.



One of the most favourite past times of kids is playing in the sandbox. And what’s there not to love?  They can mess around with toy trucks, shovels, and the amazing feeling of sand between their hands and toes. Plus, they also can develop motor skills and social skills like sharing with others.


Mini Pool

A kiddie pool is a great way to keep your toddler cool in the summer while also allowing them to splash around as they get used to the sensation of being in the water. It’s also helpful to develop their muscle strength.


Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk comes in a variety of sizes, making it a great way for your child to build their hand and motor skills and start to draw and be imaginative and artistic. But pay attention as toddlers often enjoy snacking on the chalk if not watched.


Show and Tell

Encourage your child to play show and tell. It will help them to share, talk out loud, and learn how to focus.

There are so many ways to let your child explore and build the necessary life skills they need in the future. Just remember to supervise while giving them enough space to examine their fascinations on their own so they can grow, learn, and develop.

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