7 Signs You Were Meant To Work With Kids

August 15, 2017


Working with children is a wonderful experience, but not everyone is cut out for it. To work in this industry, you need to understand just how important your role will be in the children’s development and growth as both a teacher and role model. And while many people might feel up to the task, it’s important to understand that it requires unique skills, boundaries, and problem-solving abilities. For some people, it just comes naturally, and for others, it may not. If you can relate to these seven signs below you were truly meant to work with kids.



To work in a daycare or classroom, you need to have a lot of patience and the ability to cope and hide your frustrations. Children tend to process things differently than adults, so it takes time and lots of repetition to help them understand information. Plus, there will be lots of noise, distractions and mood swings you will need to deal with on a regular basis. If you’re a patient person and aren’t bothered by a little chaos, working with children is right for you.



Being an upbeat person with a positive attitude is essential when working with children. You really need to enjoy being around children to be successful in this career. Having the right enthusiasm will ensure you can gain their attention and respect, and will allow most children to feel more comfortable around you.



Compassionate people are often positive influences. Sympathetic and caring teachers provide a positive example, guiding children to being more understanding of the world and others around them.



When working with kids, keep in mind that you’re also essentially working with their parents as well. You need to be a pro when it comes to addressing their many concerns and solving sensitive or complicated issues with ease. Being someone who can react to tough situations in a calm and professional manner is crucial in this line of work.



Children often learn from stories and examples that they can relate to for learning new concepts. If you’re a natural story teller who likes being descriptive and a little silly, you will be a great fit in any daycare or school.



Kids often absorb stress from those around them. They learn how to act and behave by watching and mirroring your actions. If you’re someone who wears their emotions on their sleeve, you may be doing more harm than good. However, if you’re an expert at keeping cool under stress and in emergency situations you shouldn’t have any problems working with children.

If you have the above-listed skill sets, a career in childcare may be the perfect fit for you. Explore Tiny Hoppers’ childcare franchise options today!

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