Mulling Over a Career Change? Think Daycare Franchisee!

October 30, 2017

Many of us find ourselves in careers that are not very fulfilling and don’t really connect with who we are or what we enjoy. But the reality is that you have the power to make a change and take control of your career and life path.

For those who love working with children and are mulling over a career change, becoming a daycare franchisee could be the perfect solution to your problem. If this sounds like your ideal dream job, but you’re unsure of how to even get started, we can help! Starting your own daycare franchisee is both rewarding and easier than you think. To find out if this career path is right for you, read on as we explain what it takes to own your own daycare.

Positive Outlook

Having a positive attitude is essential when you work in a daycare. Not only should you love being around children but you also need to have an upbeat attitude and enough motivation and enthusiasm to last eight hours each day. Keeping your emotions under control and to yourself is also important. Working around children each day requires a certain, positive personality, so just make sure you know that you can handle this before taking the leap.


Children are very different than adults when it comes to learning and need more help understanding and processing the things they see and hear. When you work with children, it can be extremely chaotic – repeating yourself often, dealing with conflicts and a range of temperaments will be necessary. People who are comfortable working in noisy and chaotic environments will excel at this line of work.

Teaching Skills

Daycare facilities also need people who love to teach. Being familiar with teaching children through stories, games, books, and behaviour is an important part of running a daycare. Those who have a background in teaching and training will find it to be a much easier transition.

Childcare Training

Having some experience in working with children, whether it’s training in childcare development, CPR, First Aid, and basic babysitting will help you be more prepared for becoming a successful daycare franchisee. If you feel like you lack training or experience, consider taking on a part-time job working at a daycare, or volunteering with children to learn if this really is the right path for you.

Manager Experience

Daycare management is much more than taking care of children – it also involves developing the daily programs and managing the staff. Having some management experience will greatly increase your changes for success.

Professional Demeanor

Keep in mind that when your line of work involves children, it will also include dealing with parents as well.  Being able to handle specific requests, dietary needs, other issues and conflicts can become a balancing act that requires professionalism and diligent care.

Working with children isn’t always easy and can often require dealing with very sensitive and complicated topics. Being calm, and level-headed in demanding situations is important.

If you have what it takes to work with children, then why not start your own daycare franchisee? You can work under an already established professional daycare company with the business freedom you’re seeking. To find out more, contact us at Tiny Hoppers – we can help you make your new career in daycare a successful one.

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