Taking care of our plants in the toddler room!

May 18, 2022

The toddlers love helping the teachers water the plants in the classroom so they introduced this activity so the toddlers could do it all by themselves with the real plants. The children were given different options for pouring water or for spraying water. The children are practicing their fine motor skills to be able to hold the cups to pour or spray the bottles. They enjoyed taking turns and each being able to help the plants grow!

The next day the educators created just an open-ended flower sensory bin with fake flowers, watering cans, pine cones, letters and leaves. The children enjoyed this so much because they could still pretend to be watering the flowers and they could also use the letters to find the letter of their name! So much fun in the toddler room 🙂

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Kids touching a flower Kid watering a white orchid Kids watering a plant together Kid showing off an acorn Kids playing with plants and flowers on a table Little kid watering a few flowers Image of some plants Children playing with plants Kids playing with a spray bottle near plants Kid with a spray bottle full of water Kids playing with the soil under a plant Kid touching some green plants

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