Let's take care of the babies!

April 6, 2022

Baby dolls are a staple in both our toddler and preschool rooms.  Both classes had a chance to explore with the babies and the educators added new materials at different days to see what the children would do with them.  They started with practicing putting the diapers on the babies using their fine motor skills to open the diaper and hold the baby.  Then the toddler room added medical equipment and the children were seen pretending to take the babies temperatures, feeding the babies and using the medical supplies. Some children just enjoyed walking around carrying the babies

A lot of our families have babies at home so some of the children are used to seeing what their parents are doing at home with the baby and taking care of them. It was so great to watch and see what the children did with the babies! 🙂


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Toddler learning how to change a diaper Children learning about baby diapers Kids learning about babies from baby dolls Baby dolls on a table with diapers and towels Kid starring at a camera with a baby doll on a table Kids playing with baby dolls on a green table Toddler playing with some baby dolls on a green table Baby dolls spread around on a green table Kid playing with a toy stethoscope Kids with toy stethoscopes playing with toy babies




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