Friendship Necklaces Fine Motor Activity

February 22, 2022

The preschoolers have been talking about friends and being kind to one another. They are also always talking about the pretty jewelry the teachers might wear. The teachers decided to bring out some string and beads and have the children make their own necklaces or bracelets to wear.  The children were given a wide range of different beads in colours and sizes and they were able to all choose which ones they wanted.  The children used their fine motor pincer grasp to put the beads through the string and they could make patterns as well.  This is a great learning activity to do with the children and they talked about it for days later! Some children are still wearing their bracelets or necklaces they made, to daycare everyday weeks later! 🙂

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Little kid playing with necklace Little kid kindly taking some beads from a bin Little kid making a necklace during an activity Little kid politely taking beads from a bead bin Little kid sorting beads

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