Why Music Benefits Children.

November 8, 2023

Since our last blog we have changed some things, we started working with the importance of music within the classroom. Tots 2 have shown a lot of Interest with music, we have found that there are many benefits and here are a few examples on how music helps, songs are beneficial because they can help the kid focus more on certain tasks with small things like washing hands or clean up time. Songs can give children a sense of routine, for example having circle time our children know as soon as we start singing our circle time song it’s time to sit down with our friends.

Another reason that songs benefit classes is that it can boost their mentality and brain power, it can also help them remember actions of songs for bigger body movements. Children have also been found to bond better with friends and their teachers.

Language development is also a huge part of songs in our class we make sure to have all types of different songs with different languages so that the children we have that do speak different languages can also feel like they have a sense of familiarity, it can help them come out of their shells as well, songs can also be used to create discipline with cleaning or getting dressed,

Last but definitely not least it can help kids express themselves, with singing and dancing how they feel, songs make the classroom a fun environment!

These are just a few of the reasons why song is so important to have in your classroom or home.




Post written by Taylor Hamilton & Tamara Anic

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