I hope your days are full of love.

February 14, 2023


We had a fantastic celebration with our tiny hoppers during ‘Valentine’s Day.’ In the tykes’ room, they filled their space with decorations before the day. Today, kids love to prepare creative valentines day boxes and heart-shaped treats they receive from families, friends, or school.


Most of our tiny hoppers children prepared ‘crafting’ to send to their parents. Squirts’ class made their way with their teachers’ help by printing their hands with red paint representing it as a flower and pieces of paper to fill in their glued heart-shaped. Tots’ class made heart stampers with white and pink mixed colors, and tykes’ used heart pipe cleaners to paint their papers.


As our friends did this activity, they could bond and feel closer. Handmade crafts also improved their focus and developed their gross and fine motor skills. It allows them to express their imagination through art and craft, encouraging them to experiment and get creative.


What a fun way to strengthen bonds with everyone!



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