What Type of Program Are We?

December 21, 2021

Brigida Aversa and Theresa Bertuzzi created Tiny Hoppers with a well-rounded education, interactive learning and fun activities in mind. But what makes Tiny Hoppers unique in their philosophy towards learning in a child care program?

What makes Tiny Hoppers unique, is the individualized approach to your children. Personalizing a child care experience to each child can be a daunting one, so how do we feasibly achieve this in our learning environments? Inspired by Emergent Learning, this philosophy utilizes teachers as guides and children as researchers. As guides, the teachers are carefully observing our students and taking note of their interests and explorations during the day. By posing questions that prompts extensions of ideas, children are allowed to openly wonder about topics. Even if those ideas are silly ideas. After all, learning should be fun and even unconventional ideas lead to extraordinary learning moments.

Providing activities around a student’s interest equals a deeply engaged classroom. It keeps learning fresh and fun, as the ideas are always changing. Learning to read, write, recognize math concepts (among just a few subjects) can be achieved in any medium. Tiny Hoppers utilizes a child’s interests as a medium for learning these core learning subjects to ensure your child is exposed to a well-rounded style of teaching and learning. (see link below for Tiny Hoppers curriculum)

We cannot wait to meet you Spring 2022 at Tiny Hoppers Richmond East! Wishing you and your family a wonderful winter season and joyful New Year.

For more information: Tiny Hoppers Curriculum

Your partner in learning,
Fiona Abbas-Lee

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