Rainy Days

January 4, 2022

Sometimes when we see a rainy day we think, “wet, muddy, cold, let’s stay inside”. But we forget to a child, a rainy day is not just a rainy day. To a child, it can (and most certainly be) an adventure. As adults, the world will always be a world of function. But to a child, a rainy day is now an aquarium exploration. Splishing and splashing through puddles like a fish. Or maybe instead of an aquarium exploration, they are sea captains looking for sea creatures. Looking for the deepest puddles to wade through because maybe a sea monster is lurking underneath a leaf. 

So the next time we, as adults, default to our cozy and comfy couch on a rainy Vancouver day. Think of all the opportunities and ways that your child could be exploring this wild world of ours. After all, this is Vancouver, and we are likely to receive “some” rain. Right?

How will you foster imagination and exploration this week?

Your partner in learning, 

Fiona Abbas-Lee

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