February 2024 - Celebrating Lunar New Year at Tiny Hoppers Richmond East

February 27, 2024

We believe in embracing diversity and celebrating cultural traditions. This Lunar New Year, our classrooms were buzzing with excitement as children engaged in various activities to learn about and celebrate this special occasion.


Tiny Squirts delved into the vibrant festivities of Lunar New Year with enthusiasm and curiosity. From sampling traditional Korean New Year foods like Rice cake soup, with hands-on experiences like making red envelopes and playing traditional Korean games, they not only celebrated the joyous occasion but also gained valuable insights into diverse cultural traditions.

Tiny Tots delved into the spirit of Chinese New Year with boundless enthusiasm. They donned colorful dragon masks, performed lion dance, and even learned the significance of giving red envelopes. From scissor skills to dough making, each activity was a celebration of creativity and cultural appreciation.

Tiny Tykes children immersed themselves in the festivities of the Year of the Dragon. Collaborating on group projects, they crafted magnificent dragons, designed their own Fairy Chun, honed their painting skills, and explored the art of collage. Through these activities, they not only celebrated tradition but also fostered a sense of unity and creativity in their classrooms.

At Tiny Hoppers Richmond East, we cherish these moments of cultural exchange and learning, fostering an environment where children can appreciate and respect diverse traditions. As we bid farewell to the Lunar New Year, we carry with us the joy and memories created during this festive season.


Wishing everyone prosperity, happiness, and good fortune in the Year of the Dragon!


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