May is Child Care Appreciation Month!

May 4, 2022

Being in the Early Childhood Education field is an unique experience. An experience that is challenging to describe just in words. But the Early Childhood Education field is changing, slowly. Exposure is beginning to showcase this dynamic field that we work in. To be able to fully empathize with the complexities of providing care for up to 24 children at one time, an individual needs to be immersed in a learning program for at least a day. Unfortunately, opportunities like volunteering in programs has come to a recent halt.

This year for Child Care Appreciation month, Richmond Child Care Resource & Referral is holding a workshop, “Supporting Richmond’s Children”, on May 7, 2022 from 9:00am – 12:00pm. Topics being showcased are, “The Current State of Richmond’s Children”, Increasing Resilience for Child Care Providers” and Nurturing & Responsive Relationships”. The presenters come with a wealth of knowledge and information is tailored for parents, early childhood educators and child care providers.

There are many ways to celebrate and support your local daycare programs and early childhood educators. Educating families and individuals about what Early Childhood Educators want to achieve in their time with the children in their care, is one way to show your appreciation for your local child care provider. During this month of celebrations and recognitions, we hope to showcase the passion we have for early learning and to reach as many parents and individuals to continue showing support for what we do.

Click here to register for “Support Richmond’s Children”. (registration ends May 5)

Your partner in learning,
Fiona Abbas-Lee

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