Full-Time Preschool Day Care

  • The Tiny Hoppers’ curriculum is created by a team of educators holding diplomas in both Early Childhood Education and Primary/Junior/Intermediate Teaching.  They work together to create a base curriculum for all centres to follow by providing the Tiny Hoppers’ teachers with activities and lesson plan ideas in the areas of literacy, math, science, and social studies as well as activities that focus on gross motor, fine motor and self-help skills.  The activities are all play-based, fun, hands on and interactive.  Activities are open-ended and encourage children to explore and experiment in many different ways.  All activities can be adapted to match each individual child’s developmental level and make use of many natural products and fun play equipment.  The Tiny Hoppers’ lesson plans are posted for parents to see and are always available for viewing so that families have a good idea of exactly what educational skills their child will be working on.

    In addition to the Tiny Hoppers’ base curriculum, Tiny Hoppers’ teachers are trained to take careful observations of each child’s likes, preferences and educational needs that are then recorded in an individual notebook.  These observations are used in planning the remainder of the activities and to build a classroom environment that is full of equipment and activities that reflect the needs and interests of the children in that particular program.  By focusing on the specific interests of the children the teachers are able to create a learning environment that will encourage children to participate in learning activities, will be excited to come in and explore each day and will feel safe in experimenting and challenging themselves while building off their individual skills and abilities.  Teachers will not only add additional activities to build off of the base provided by the Tiny Hoppers’ Team but will also create the curriculum in the areas of dramatic play, art, sensory and outdoor play.

    Twice a year, teachers will use the observations they took on each child to create individualized report cards that will go home with parents so that they will have a good view of where their child is at developmentally and will be able to see how they are progressing over the school year. 

    Tiny Hoppers’ teachers are trained annually by our Tiny Hoppers’ trainers who teach them how to build a play based curriculum that builds off of the individual interests and needs of the children in their classroom.  They also teach teachers how to use the Tiny Hoppers’ songs to move children smoothly through routines and transitions and to teach educational concepts and skills using music and movement.  Teachers are then provided ongoing support through the online forum where the Tiny Hoppers’ Team is always available to provide them with activity ideas and to answer any questions they may have.  We are always available to offer ideas on how to meet the needs of specific children.  This is also a place where teachers share their activity ideas with one another and receive encouragement from the Team and from their peers.  With all of these tools available to the teachers it is no wonder that their programs are winning awards annually and have parents spreading the word about how well their child progressed and how prepared their child was for entering the school system. 


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    • All year round.


    • Monday to Friday Times vary per location please go to location page and email location directly.


    • Preschool daycare program 2.5 to 5 years
    • Full-time and part-time daycare options available.
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