Here's How To Tell If Your Kid Is Still Too Young To Go To A Movie

May 6, 2022

No matter how many snacks or reassurances you offer your kid, she just might be done with her movie-going experience… 15 minutes into the film. “If your child starts hinting that she wants to leave by either becoming restless or by telling you it’s scary, quietly remove her from the theater for a short break,” Sherrie MacLean, an early childhood education expert and National Director of Operations at Tiny Hoppers, tells Romper. If she’s still unsettled, don’t get upset or frustrated with her. Just gather your belongings (and your kiddo) and head towards the exit.

Even if you’re upset by your first movie outing (and maybe feel like you wasted your hard-earned dollars), try not to be disappointed. After all, it’s better to not force your kid to sit through a flick when she’s not ready for it. “You can reassure her that you’ll try again in the future,” says Dr. Darnley. So take a deep breath, head home, and put on a movie that you can watch comfortably together instead.

Before you buy those tickets online, consider these tips to determine if your child is really ready to go to the movie theater… and how to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone, including you.

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