Tiny Hoppers Early Learning Willoughby - Activities For December - Part One


Tiny Hoppers Early Learning Willoughby –

Activities For December – Part One

Wellbeing and Belonging – Social and Emotional Development – Social Play – Drama Play

Wellbeing and Belonging is essential for children to develop and maitian their physical and mental health. Children need to build a sense of security to be able to do what they are capable and to be albe to step out of their comfort zones.

Wellbeing and Belonging

Wellbeing and belonging

Gross Motor Development – Gross Motor Activities – Music and Movement – Exercises – Play Ground Activities – Gymnastic


Gross Activities are keys to their cognitive devleopment, social and emotional development, and gross motor development.

By doing these activities, children move their body such as balancing, walking, jumping, swirling, climbing, it exercises their muscle while stimuates their brain development. Also, some exercises would even produce happy hormons to maintain their mental health.


Gross Motor Play


Visual Art – Arts Activities – Arts for infant – Arts for toddlers – Arts for 3-5 – Fine Arts

Vistual Arts is indispensable. Children use the process of creation to express their thoughts, feelings and likes. It increases creativities and innovation, develops the ability of observation, enhances vocabulary and literacy, practices their motor skills, develops problem solving skills, and more.

As children grow up, you will notice they started to develop their sense of style and beauty. Through their arts, their charasristic started to develop and gradually come to maturity. They are free during their creation, which make their arts even more beautiful.

Visual Art

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