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Tiny Hoppers Early Learning Willoughby Centre –

Activities of the Month


Tiny Hoppers Early Learning Willoughby is inquiry-based learning, in which teachers plan curriculums based on children’s interests. From children’s interests, activities are planned to practice different developmental areas, including motor development, social and emotional development, speech and language development and cognitive development.


Here are some examples of our activities for the month. Please follow us on Instagram for more updates @tinyhopperswilloughby.

Shaving Cream and Cooler drops

Children use color drops and glitter to decorate their shaving cream. This activity helps the children to develop their fine motor skills, color recognition, and sensory

Yarn Art

Children are holding a stick attached to a yarn to make their paint. Some put a little paint; some put much more. Some raise their hands higher, some lower.

Car Ramp and Painting

Children use cars to dip in the paint and let go of the ramp. some cars go faster; some go slower. Some have wider wheel prints, and some have narrow prints. Arts, Science, Physics, Math and Sensory all in one.

Magnets and Sand

Different materials are mixed with the sand. Some are magnetic, and some are not. Children use their magnet sticks to find out which are magnetic and which are not. Great science and sensory activities for children

All about Trucks

Children use sensory activities to explore the differences between the trucks and their uses. Teachers use the book to show the children while they are playing to have a better understanding of the trucks. Learning through play

Fire Truck & Fire Fighter Drama Play and Art Play

Children pretend to be firefighters and try to put out a fire with a spray bottle. They learn about firefighters and their equipment.




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