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Opening Fall 2021

Dependable, Compassionate Staff

At Tiny Hoppers, our first priority is making sure that our children feel comfortable and safe at all times. We maintain this level of high-quality care and attention with our team of dependable and compassionate staff. Each staff member is certified in their area of expertise, and enthusiastic and devoted to making sure that all children are learning and having fun, and that all of their needs are being met. We also care deeply about how families are feeling throughout the duration of their child’s program, which is why our team maintains clear and consistent communication with parents and guardians. We are dedicated to helping your children have the best learning experience they can while having fun along the way!

Inclusive and Well-Designed Learning Structure

We designed our program with the goal of letting children embrace the learning process while having fun. A child’s development in the early childhood stages is important which is why our program structure revolves around assisting with positive and progressive development in these stages. Since every child is unique, we take care to give each child the individualized attention and tools they need to learn. This individualized approach combined with a welcoming, positive environment will allow your child to have a truly positive and rewarding growth experience with us. Our program is designed to help children hone skills in communication, literacy, critical thinking, problem-solving, and social skills, while placing an emphasis on having fun and being creative.

Creative and Playful Environment

Tiny Hoppers in Chicopee Hills provides an outlet for your child to express their creativity and playfulness, while allowing them to grow, learn and explore from a comfortable and secure environment. Each day is carefully structured and guided by our attentive educators to ensure each child gets the most out of their experience. A balance of fun and educational activities are included in each day’s schedule that help nurture and assist each child’s development.

Flexible Programs for Different Schedules and Needs

We understand that many of us have unpredictable schedules that are hard to plan around. In light of this, we have multiple programs for your infant, toddler or preschooler available that can accommodate different schedules and preferences. We have both full-time and part-time options, and are committed to finding a program that conveniently fits within your schedule and offers the most benefits for both you and your child.

Our programs are designed with the knowledge that children are curious, capable of complex thinking, and rich in potential. Considering how crucial a child’s early learning phase is in their overall development, we provide the best-quality care and attentiveness to help your child learn and thrive. Contact us today to learn more about the variety of programs and options available to you.

Services Offered:

  • Infant Day Care
  • Toddler Day Care
  • Preschool Day Care
  • Nursery School Day Care

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Kitchener ON


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