There is "Snow Play" like playing in the snow!

January 9, 2018

January 2018


As the cold snap has finally passed over us we are all enjoying outdoor play again.
There is a lot of snow in the yard to enjoy and more falling every week.

Here are some fun ideas for playing in the snow that all our children enjoy:
– Using sand toys including shovels, scoops and buckets to build “snow castles”
– Making snow people & using natural items to create personality (faces, outfits etc)
– Using coloured water to paint the snow with Spray bottles.
– Using shovels to create paths in the snow & playing follow the leader.
– Using trucks from inside to drive in the freshly fallen soft snow

We are always sure to wear all our layers while playing outside to avoid the children getting too cold or wet.

Celebrating the Holiday SeasonIllness in the Childcare Center

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