Illness in the Childcare Center

February 9, 2018

‘Tis the season of blowing snow, cold snaps, warm days & the inevitable never ending cold season.

Here at Tiny Hoppers, we have an Illness policy that is for the health and well being of all our clients and staff.

If a child shows any of the following symptoms, he or she cannot attend the Centre until the symptoms have disappeared.
Symptoms of a contagious illness include:

  • discharge from eyes or ears
  • fever (temperature which is or has been above 38.5 / 100.4 degrees Celsius) ORAL
  • diarrhea or vomiting
  • unexplained rash
  • swollen neck glands
  • head lice and nits
  • extreme cough

We thank you for your continued support and understanding during this cold & flu season.

There is “Snow Play” like playing in the snow!Spring time fun

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