• Franchise:

    The initial investment to open a Tiny Hoppers Early Learning Centre Franchise includes, but is not limited to, the franchise fee, interior construction, playground construction and equipment, classroom and other interior furniture and equipment, initial supplies, marketing, architectural and other design fees, permits and licensing, accounting and legal fees. Actual costs may vary depending on the physical size and current condition of the premises.

    SIZE OF CENTRE:  3500 sqft-6000 sqft+

    NUMBER OF CHILDREN:  63-100+

    INVESTMENT:  $385,000-$600,000+

    FRANCHISE FEE:  $50,000

    ROYALTIES:  5%

    NET WORTH:   $400,000-$800,000+    

    LIQUID ASSETS:   $125,000-$250,000+

  • Master Franchise:

    The Master franchise fee depends upon the size of the province, specific demographics, and determining the number of Tiny Hoppers® centres that can be opened across your market in a given time period.  The initial investment would include the Master Franchisee fee for the province, start up costs, marketing, and the opening of your first franchise.  Master franchisee’s must have the financial wherewithal to build out their initial location, while maintaining significant working capital to market, promote and grow Tiny Hoppers across their province.

    The role of the Master Franchisee is to establish the first location and build the brand while gaining credibility in your province.

    Your ongoing role and responsibilities are to:

    • Promote and develop the Tiny Hoppers franchise system within your province
    • Sell sub franchises within your protected province
    • Provide continuous support to your sub franchisees
    • Work with your sub franchisees on an ongoing basis to maximize their potential
    • Work hand and hand with our corporate office to offer your sub franchisees the professional curriculum that have helped shape and stimulate the minds of children for many, many years.
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