Easter fun at Tiny Hoppers Findlay Creek

April 4, 2024

Here at Tiny Hoppers our educators planned some pretty fun Easter related activities for their classrooms. The activities worked on their fine motor skills, science, colour recognition, as well as a ton of sensory fun! Activities are not just meant for inside the classroom, doing activities outside is a blast for the children as well. Please enjoy some photos below from their awesome activities.

Our toddlers enjoyed a fun Easter Sticky wall

Science experiment/ fine motor activity in action

Science experiment set up outside! Bunny and Egg shaped baking soda, and coloured vinegar and eye droppers turn this science activity into an awesome fine motor lesson as well.

The children really enjoyed hunting through the Easter grass and finding the chicks in the eggs.

Tuff Tray Easter fun!

The children absolutely loved squeezing the different colours of their choice onto their cotton ball eggs.

Cotton ball Easter eggs fine motor craft.

Bringing the outdoors inside the classroom!Mother’s day fun at Tiny Hoppers Findlay Creek