Mother's day fun at Tiny Hoppers Findlay Creek

May 28, 2024

On Friday, May 10th we invited the mommies and grandmas into our classrooms for a fun filled afternoon. Our toddler class, and our preschool 2 classroom opted to make use of their play yards and had a ton of amazing activities set up outside for the children to enjoy with their mom’s and/ or grandmas. Please enjoy some pictures below of some of the fun that was had that afternoon.

Mommy and H having fun

Mommy, S and T enjoying the sunshine at the mother’s day party

Mommy and S enjoying their afternoon

Mommy and W

Some toddler friends and their mommies having fun

Mommy and P enjoying the party

Toddler class mother’s day gifts

Our toddler classroom set up this fun play dough cupcake station!

flower pot painting and flower planting

Bracelet and necklace making

Mommy and me manicures for our preschool 2 friends

Easter fun at Tiny Hoppers Findlay Creek