Cooking & Baking up a storm

April 27, 2022

Our Preschool 2 class, always loves to help, whether it be cleaning up a mess, or setting out activities, they love to be involved. The last couple weeks, the children have been very interested in baking and cooking. Having a child involved in the process of making snacks and meals is beneficial for so many reasons. A child who is a picky eater may be more inclined to eat their meal or snack, if they had made it themselves. So many skills are acquired, when it comes to food preparation; math(measuring ingredients), literacy( following a recipe), sensory( touching foods that are different textures, smelling different ingredients), fine motor( holding utensils, cutting with a knife, pouring from a measuring cup), as well as self help skills( gaining independence, and confidence, as well as being able to be proud of what they created).

Last week our preschool 2 class followed recipes, and directions to make the following; they made some Jell-O,  a cake, and they even made their own Pizza’s for lunch! Aside from making real food, their teacher planned, and set out some amazing loose part activities for them that had to do with cooking/baking. Please enjoy some pictures below of all the fun they have been having!  MESSY FUN IS THE BEST FUN!


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February was such a fun month for learning!Risky Play

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