Preparing for the First Day of Daycare

April 2, 2014

Sending your child to daycare for the first time is not easy for the parents or the children. You both have anxiety, worries and there is a chance you both might shed a few tears. To help you and your child prepare for the big day we here a few tips that can help:

Getting Prepared

Being organized is much more difficult when you become a parent, but this is one day you’ll want to be ready for. If possible have everything you’ll need ready for the night before to make certain you’re not running around the house in a rush the morning of.

Making the Children Comfortable

Children find new environments stressful, this will prove even more so when they don’t know anyone. To help them adjust to their new surroundings take them to the daycare facility before the big day to become more familiar with the environment and the staff. When they meet with the main daycare provider try to get them to share interactions such as playing with building blocks, this will help acquaint them and your child will feel more relaxed knowing someone when you leave.

Extra Time

Once your child is used to being dropped off and picked up from daycare you won’t need a lot of time, it will be simple interactions, however on the first day and during the first visits you will need extra time.  Scheduling extra time for starting daycare is key, it gives you a little bit of wiggle room in case you have forgotten something or a problem arises. On the first day you’ll want to spend a few minutes speaking to the daycare provider, you will take comfort in knowing the routines, environment and seeing your child interacting with others.

Taking Leave

You may think that sneaking out when your child looks away is the best option, however this does more harm than good. Leaving when your child doesn’t notice may give them separation anxiety which will end up making it difficult for you to ever leave the room. Keeping the goodbyes short is best, you’ve seen them interacting and having fun and they are aware that you are leaving. Tell them you love them, hug them, kiss them and then say goodbye. This will be difficult but lingering for too long will give them the impression that you are staying.


You’ve just dropped your child off at daycare for the first time and emotions are running high, it is more than okay to take a minute for yourself. You will worry, and that is normal, but be assured that you have prepared for this day, there will be many days like this. You have handpicked this daycare, you’ve met the people who will be looking after your child and seen the environment, so try to relax and do a little something for yourself.

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