Opportunities for Learning are Everywhere

April 19, 2018

Toddlers do an incredible amount of learning through observing, listening, and playing. And sometimes it can seem all too fast to the parents. If you feel that you may be missing out on providing your little one with the right learning opportunities, don’t fret! Opportunities for learning are everywhere! Let’s show you what we mean.

At The Beach

The beach provides an excellent environment for kids to explore things they won’t normally find at home. It’s great for sensory development as they touch and play with the sand, watch the waves roll in, move around rocks and shells, and if they’re lucky, maybe even spot some fish, snails or turtles. It can be a bit of sensory overload, but it’ll help them learn new things that they wouldn’t learn anywhere else.

At The Grocery Store

Take them to the grocery store and watch as their eyes light up. Good luck if you can keep them in the cart – kids love to try to scoot away and touch everything they can on the shelves. It’s a good way for them to learn about the food they eat, their ABC’s, basic math, and how to really understand the word “no.”

In The Backyard

If you have a garden, tree, or shed in your backyard, your little explorer will find many different ways to learn from this environment. From discovering how things grow to learning to climb on their own, they’ll build their intellectual and problem-solving skills while getting some exercise. And since this area is a safe place, they’ll be able to explore more on their own while learning to become more confident and independent.

In the Bathroom

Kids love to play with the water. And you can take advantage of this opportunity by adding some floaty toys during bath time. It’ll teach them hand eye-coordination as they learn how to grasp objects in this new, constantly moving medium.

In The Park

The park provides your child with opportunities to interact with other kids and animals. It’s a great way to get them to learn how to effectively communicate and play with others. The swings, slides, and climbing apparatuses at the playground are also excellent tools to help build their coordination and muscles and get out any pent-up energy.

At The Daycare Centre

Your kids will also pick up many skills at daycare. It’s an opportunity for learning motor skills, social skills, how to follow directions, how to take turns and share, and how to be a little independent away from mom and dad.

Toddlers need to move around to learn all about their new world. So don’t be afraid to take your toddler out and about. The world encourages them to use their senses and to understand how things work, what they are, and how they are different from other things. At Tiny Hoppers, our fully licensed and Ministry of Education registered daycare offers programs that are designed to help your child learn in a safe and hygienic environment. To find out more, contact us today.

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