It’s Arts and Crafts Time!

April 12, 2018

Sometimes it seems that all your toddler wants to do is run around the whole day. And while this is good for their coordination and a great way to wear them out a little, it doesn’t hone in on their creativity or fine motor skills. Introducing arts and crafts into their day can help them develop their cognitive skills by thinking in new ways while teaching them to solve problems. Oh, and it’s lots of fun too! So when it’s arts and crafts time, here are 5 fun, simple activities for your little one that will boost their development and give you some reprieve.


Remember using Play-Doh when you were a kid? Most adults still have fond memories of the squishy colourful putty. And today, it’s still one of the most popular arts and crafts materials around. It’s fun to squish, squeeze, and mould into shapes. Plus, it’s non-toxic, safe, and comes in a whole variety of different styles and colours. With Play-Doh they can really let out their creative spirit – plus it’s mess-free, which is always a win-win for the parents.

Block Painting

If you have some wooden blocks lying around, block painting can provide an excellent way to put these to good use. All you need to do is let your little one dip the blocks into the paint and then press the blocks down onto some easel paper. They’ll love all the colourful patterns they can make. Just remember to use non-toxic and easy-to-remove paint.

Custom Bowls

Your white cereal bowls are about to get a new makeover. With some sharpie’s and your kid’s artistic touch, your otherwise boring bowls can now become true works of art. Just make sure the sharpies are non-permanent, otherwise you’ll have this new design forever.

Sand Painting

Kids love sand, so why not use a little bit of it when it’s arts and crafts time? All you need is some paper, glue, sand, and paint to start. You may need to assist your little one in squeezing the glue, but you can let them sprinkle the sand. This will help them fine-tune their motor skills and coordination. Then as soon as the glue dries and the sand sticks, let them paint over the sand to add some extra colour and design.

Animal Masks

Another fun and crafty project you can both enjoy is creating animal masks. It’s a little more complex than the other activities, but we know your little one can handle the challenge (with a little help of course). To start, we recommend you plan out some of the mask ideas, measure out the eye holes and do the cutting. Once the base is ready, let your kid glue bits of paper, pipe cleaner, wool and other decorations onto the mask. And then introduce the markers, crayons, and paint so they can give it their signature touch and show off their artistic flair. When they’re done creating their masterpiece, glue a popsicle stick to the bottom of the mask, so they can hold the mask to their face.

Arts and crafts time is the perfect way to get your kid to focus, calm down, and learn some new skills. It’s also a great way to give you some much needed quiet time, even if it’s just for a little while.

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