New Year’s Resolutions for the Family

January 9, 2017

What better way to get the whole family on board with a fresh and better start to the New Year than by creating some family New Year’s resolutions? There are countless ways you can improve quality time spent together, reduce some of those bad habits, and have the support of your whole family to make those resolutions stick. This New Year’s, start thinking about how as a family you can all combine your efforts to make this year the start of something great. Here are some ideas to help get you inspired.

Put Down the Devices

No matter the age, technology seems to have developed almost into an additional limb for both the kids and adults. They are addictive and require some serious effort to reduce the amount of time spent hovering over a screen. That’s why making a commitment together can be the best way to really succeed at it. Make some new rules  where devices are not allowed, whether it’s during mealtime or “Tech Free Saturdays.” Store devices away in a drawer so there is a little bit of effort required to use them, and you don’t just zone out for hours out of boredom.

Become More Environmentally Friendly

When it comes to being environmental conscious during our day-to-day lives, it always helps to keep in mind how our actions now will drastically affect the world in which our children will live. There’s no better time than now to start incorporating more environmentally friendly habits as a family. You can commit to composting, avoid using bottled water and wasteful coffee pods, and get everyone involved in keeping recyclable materials out of the garbage. Rather that using disposable lunch bags and containers, let your kids pick out a Minions or Frozen lunch pack to empty and clean daily after school or daycare.

Spend More Quality Time Together

Kids grow up fast. And with each passing year, it only seems to speed up. So it’s important to make every moment here and now count. Find ways to spend as much quality time together. You can take them out to the winter festivals, teach them how to skate, or doing something simple like having nights where you bake some gingerbread men and dunk them into hot cocoa. Whatever it is, make this New Year a time to embrace quality time spent together

Start a Weekly Ritual

Once a week, pick a day where you can create a weekly ritual. This can involve and activity that allows you all to learn something, such as swimming, or simply have a games night where you take turns in selecting what to play. Having one day of the week that’s dedicated to learning something or simply having fun is always a great habit to form as a family.

This New Year’s, create some resolutions that the whole family can participate in. It’s a great way to improve your time together, form better habits and have each other to encourage those resolutions to really stick.

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