5 Indoor Activities for a Wintery Day

January 23, 2017

With frigid winter weather outside, it’s the perfect reason to stay nice and cozy inside. But when the kids are cooped up during those winter days, it can quickly have you desperately searching for ways to keep them preoccupied (and keep you sane). So if you’re in need of some indoor activities for the kids, here are five ideas to try out.

Indoor Snow Blizzard with Coffee Filters

Making snowflakes is always great fun, especially once the kids get to see the creations they’ve made. All you need is some coffee filter, safety scissors, and a template or two of a snowflake. Once you’ve cut out your desired flake designs, you can hang them over your bed and throw some of them around on a big white fluffy comforter to create the ultimate indoor snow blizzard.

Build Gingerbread Houses

Who doesn’t love the smell of gingerbread as it bakes in the oven? This is a perfect way to preoccupy the kids and get them involved with baking. Use your favourite gingerbread recipe and then get creative with your designs. You can use icing sugar and variety of items from the bulk store, such as sprinkles, gum drops and your kid’s favourite candies to decorate their houses with.

Indoor Igloo Forts

Take an imaginary trip to the Arctic by creating an igloo fort that the kids can play in. You can use you your pillows, white sheets and even a comforter to make it fluffy like the snow. This is a great way to give the children a place to read their books or simply spend some time playing together.

Create A Crafty Winter Wonderland

Whether using paint or playdough, the kids always love using their hands, and of course, getting messy. So be sure to throw down some newspaper before getting started. Encourage them to get creative and make the perfect magical winter wonderland. They can paint away their imaginations or sculpt away to create snowmen, trees and anything else their imagination dream up.

Indoor Skating

Want to burn off some of that energy? Get some wax paper and string and simply wrap them around the kid’s socks. Then they can glide across the carpet without having to step outside.

Mommy & Me Play Classes

Get out of the house (but still stay inside) with Mommy & Me play classes at your nearest Tiny Hoppers location. These 45-minute sessions help babies social, emotional, and motor skills, while parents get a chance to bond and mingle.

Keeping the kids busy and entertained is always a must when those winter days force playtime to stay indoors. So use the winter weather as inspiration together with these ideas to get creative and have some fun. When you can get them involved and using their hands and imagination, they can burn up some of that energy and maybe even give you some free time for yourself.

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