Kids & Technology

January 15, 2015

As parents we are faced with the never ending question of do we or do we not allow our kids to be involved with technology? Here are some interesting points to ponder when it comes to the technology conundrum.

School Projects

Technology has found its way into schools which makes it obvious that there is no getting away from technology in the home. Many schools use technology in efforts to teach children many different subjects, not to mention how to use technology itself. Nearly three fourths of U.S teachers use technology in the classroom and in many cases for most major school projects. These changes are also noticeable in Canadian schools with the introduction of touch pad technology, smart boards, and PC’s being common features in the classroom. Using technology properly allows students to be smarter and also remain more engaged in learning. Technology is also known to aid in creativity.

Technology in the Home

More computer time in the classroom is a sign of the current times. It should also then be considered a sign parents will have to use technology in the home. Most kids are computer savvy at a very early age and by not allowing your child to hone these skills it can actually prove to hold them back. However the cost associated to the technology can be at question especially when it comes to buying a kindergartner their own iPad. As well there is the ongoing issue of obesity in children due to inactivity. Newer games use technology to encourage activity and this is a good option to allow kids to use technology to play while keeping them active.


The last consideration is the social aspects of technology. Cell phones and computers are teaching our children a different approach to socialization that is definitely not as healthy as one on one communication. There is false courage offered by computers and phones that can lead to kids being crueler online and socially awkward when communicating in person. So many issues have arisen that new laws have been introduced to discourage kids from sharing inappropriate photos and to stop cyber bullying. As well the anonymity of communicating through social media has offered a new way for predators to contact children which means children are at risk when allowed to use social media without supervision.

Technology for education is a must.  Traditional parenting can help balance the rest.


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