Hosting a Family New Year’s Celebration

December 30, 2014

With so many people looking for babysitters on New Year’s Eve there is a definite shortage of childcare on this busy evening, however don’t let this interfere with your plans to celebrate. Instead, plan a family friendly New Year’s celebration and invite your family and friends to attend. You can also start a family tradition you can all enjoy year after year using any of these fun ideas:

Pajama Party

Whether you are hosting a party or it is just you and the kids, a pajama party will allow everyone to celebrate at their own pace. Whether everyone lasts until the clock strikes 12 or a few fall asleep snuggled up by the fire, fun will still be had by all.

Neighbourhood Parties

If you live in a major city or a smaller community chances are there is some sort of community party happening. These events are usually kid friendly with plenty of music and special light shows. You definitely have to be prepared to bundle up and remember not all kids will make it until midnight. However everyone can have fun being involved in the excitement of the night.

Have a Special Traditionn

Kids love being involved in creating new family traditions you can all enjoy each year. Some people love putting together a time capsule with relevant information for both your family as well as world events. You can go the traditional route and add class pictures and news clips. You can also go the funny route with a song you all hated, gas prices and a Christmas gift that turned out to be a dud. Either way you can all enjoy putting the capsule together and then opening it the following year.

Retro Party

Consider throwing a retro party based on your favourite decade and celebrate. You can even invite everyone to dress up in their favourite decade attire. Celebrate with the same music, food and traditions you enjoyed as a kid to help create a sense of history for your family. By doing this you teach the younger generations a bit more about the past.

If you do happen to find childcare on New Year’s Eve you can still involve the kids in the celebration. Have them create homemade decorations and hang them before guests arrive so they feel involved.

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